Tuesday, January 29, 2013

1950s dress redo

Two of my dear friends are marrying each other later this spring in a 1950's themed wedding.  I've been asked to officiate and those who know me, know that I love a theme!  They've requested guests wear 50's attire and I purchased this AMAZING dress at a local vintage shop.

I bought it just for the fabric, because for me, the fit is very off!  The dress is a woven rose silk brocade and lined in silk habotai.  I just can't find anything like this anywhere else!  It doesn't look bad on my dressform Dolly, but it's a fitting disaster on me.  The bodice is at least 2 inches too long and much too wide/large in the bust and shoulders.  The waist is the only thing that is pretty close, and the hips are gigantic on me!  It's large enough that it can't be properly taken in without taking it apart.  I knew when I purchased it, that it would be a major undertaking, but I just couldn't leave that gorgeous fabric by its lonesome little self it that store.  I knew it wanted to come home with me!

I've been meticulously disassembling it (some of the stitches are so tiny that I'm nearly blind) and this baby threw me a major curveball.  For some reason, I never considered that those french darts on the bust were trimmed on the inside.  AAAHHHHHHHH!!!!  I had "drafted" three or four possible bodices, and like a good girl, was planning on making several muslins so that I could ensure this fabric was used to its maximum potential (and maximum flattery to my figure).  Well when I found those giant wedges cut out of my beautiful fabric, I knew the princess seams I had planned for maximum fitting potential were out, and I was just going to have to go with the flow on what the fabric would allow.  

I completed my first muslin now and while it technically fits, and the ease is the proper amount, it just doesn't seem to look that great on.  Taking a little break from this one to let it marinate...

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