Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sew OCD (and ADD)

I love sewing as a hobby but easily get bored/distracted.  I like projects (and clothes) that are really simple designs, but I often use pain in the ass fabrics for all of my projects.  I have a slight obsession with Indian silk saris and love translating them into apparel.

Given that I work with a lot of saris (which are often similar in texture to silk chiffon), you'll notice that I often underline my garments in addition to a full lining.  As I'm getting older, I've realized that the nicer made garments are the ones I keep and continue to wear.  Also, I'm a sewing rebel and hate making muslins!  This has bit me in the ass on more than one occasion, and I'm slowly learning my lesson.

I'm including a few pictures of my most recent projects, so you can see what I like to make.  I hope you enjoy sharing my projects with me, and I hope to benefit from your feedback.


  1. I just came across your blog and wished i had thought of the name "Sew OCD"! Is this your first post? Congrats! Great work and can't wait to see more - added you to my list to follow on

  2. Thank you! My husband said that I should have named the blog "Sew OCD ADD" but that seemed a bit long HAHA. That more appropriately describes my sewing hobby though. I love when inspiration strikes, but I become bored with really lengthy projects. I look forward to feedback from readers because I've often benefited from the opinions and experience of the ladies on

  3. I have only just joined, and people kept talking about things like muslins and making them fit, and I was so confused, cause I've never made one, ever! And I don't think my mother ever has either (she taught me to sew) - I was just like, huh?! I am so glad that there are other people out there who don't make them. I always make patterns on the big side, because hey, if its too big once its made up, I can just take it in haha!

  4. I do make them occasionally now, especially if I'm working with expensive fabric. The 1950s dress was honestly my first full muslin ever! My cheater way of making muslins for most projects is to sew all my darts and then baste the lining fabric together with I quick zipper. I can then try it on and fairly accurately make adjustments before sewing the fashion fabric. Since it's basted, this is pretty easy and I don't have to do any ripping on the fashion fabric. This came in very handy on my current project since I discovered a weird fitting issue. I should have pictures and an explanation later this week.