About Me

I work in the medical field and enjoy sewing as a creative outlet. I've sewn since I was quite young and made many of my clothes as a teenager (they were quite odd). My life was quite hectic for a few years as I balanced a full time career and grad school. During that time, I rarely sewed but am happy to be making the return.

I think all successful/functioning adults have OCD to some degree, and I am no exception. This blog is an attempt to organize my thoughts, ideas, and projects and also share my experiences (both good and hideously ugly). I love when I'm inspired to create, but these thoughts are often fleeting and I easily become bored with projects. For me this is a hobby, so enjoyment is essential. I'm hoping that by documenting my inspirations, I'll be creating a list to work from and also a reward system to help me complete projects once they no longer seem fun. Oh, and I love the Oxford comma!

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