Friday, February 1, 2013

UFOs... they do exist!

For all you sewists out there, you know I'm not talking about spacecraft being flown by little green beings.  What I'm referring to is much more scary.. (insert dramatic music) UN FINISHED OBJECTS.  Oh the terror!!!  Enough to keep us all up at night or invade our dreams.  Surely I'm not the only one out there who dreams about their new projects?  But I only dream about them when they're new, fresh, and fun.  Once they're PHDs (projects half done) or UFOs, I seem to forget that I was ever inspired.  I seem to forget about all the hours spent agonizing over the details.  And I certainly try to forget about any time spent ripping out stitches.

Right now I can clearly identify three major PHDs.  One of them, I'm a bit embarrassed to admit, was cut out over 10 (ok closer to 13) years ago and put aside.  I recently found it when cleaning out my sewing room.  I was so happy and inspired to finish this long forgotten project and began work to remedy the situation (and since I had originally only cut a bodice lining, I added a skirt lining too).  Well, it has evolved from just a pile of pieces to a full PHD UFO.  Progress indeed??

Upcoming goal along with tackling the 1950s trial to my sanity, will be to complete these 3 projects.  They are at different phases of completion and will irritate me to different degrees since I hate working on uninspired projects (which most become when I'm 85% finished).

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  1. Love your sewing machine and UFO graphic! I have a PHD UFO from last July that I hope I can get around to finishing before this July. We'll see!